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1.  Under the Silver CDHP, is it true that the deductible for prescription is 'aggregate'  but the deductible for medical is 'stacked?'  Yes

2.  If an employee sets up a separate HSA for a dependent between age 22 and 26 and the money isn't spent, what happens to the money in that HSA once the dependent hits age 26?  An employee can only use their own HSA account for tax dependents claimed on their income taxes. Adult children between the ages of 22-26 are not tax dependents but still remain on the employee’s health plan. The employee cannot contribute pretax to an HSA set up by their adult child, but can give said child money post-tax and the adult child can get a tax deduction on their tax return.  The HSA will belong to the adult child and is theirs even after age 26.

3. Can employee set up a direct deposit into an HSA?   Yes, post tax – provided the total contribution (employee/employer) is below the allowable amount (single = $3,400; Family = $6,750).

4.  We've been so focused on medical that we haven't thought about dental/vision.  Are there any issues/changes for dental/vision that we need to know about and communicate to employees?   No- VEHI dental program remains in place.  Vision exam currently in VHP will remain in the new plans. 





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