Montpelier Board of School CommissionersMinutesMinutes - January 11, 2012

Minutes - January 11, 2012


1.       Call to Order  The meeting was called to order at 5:03 p.m. 

2.       Public Comments  Students and community members voiced their concerns regarding proposed teacher reductions and the perceived negative impact of those reductions. 

3.       Discuss FY13 Draft School Budget  Superintendent Ricca presented an early retirement proposal for consideration.  The role of the admin. support position at each school was clarified.  Restoration of additional funding was discussed.  Mr. VanDerlip expressed interest in maintaining staff to begin implementation of a foreign language program at the elementary school, and to support advanced placement classes at the high school.  In the event additional funding is restored, Superintendent Ricca cautioned the Board that they are precluded, under policy governance, from dictating how the additional money is spent.  

Following further discussion, Mr. Phillips moved, seconded by Mrs. Herz, to direct the administration to return with an additional $150,000 in the budget and appropriate where the money should be spent based on their best judgment.  Mr. Robinson indicated he was uncomfortable voting on the motion unless and until there was clarity and confirmation that the Board was deferring to the superintendent and the administrators entirely as to how the additional money would be spent.  Mr. Phillips offered that his intent was to look at bottom lines only, i.e., tax rate, per-pupil cost, etc., with the additional $150,000 added in and not specifics of where the money is spent.  There was consensus, however, to restrict spending of the additional money on capital improvements with the idea that any items in this arena could be covered under a separate bond if necessary.  Mr. Jones commented that an ultimate decision by the Board to allocate additional funds for inclusion in the FY13 budget should in no way be viewed by the administration as an obligation to spend the money.  Before voting on the motion, Mrs. Aldrich clarified that at the next meeting on January 18, Superintendent Ricca will provide a non-prioritized list for spending the additional $150,000.  The Board will first vote on whether or not to add $150,000 to the proposed FY13 budget and then vote on the other part of the budget.  The motion carried unanimously.   

4.       Adjournment  On a motion duly made and seconded, the board voted unanimously to adjourn at 7:01 p.m. 

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