Montpelier Board of School CommissionersMinutesMinutes - June 20, 2012

Minutes - June 20, 2012

1.       Call to Order  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Vice Chairman Steve Robinson.

2.       Executive Session  On a motion duly made and seconded, the board voted unanimously to enter Executive Session at 6:30 p.m., with the superintendent remaining.  On a motion duly made and seconded, the board voted unanimously to leave Executive Session at 7:13 p.m.

a.       Contract Negotiations

3.       Return to Open Session  7:13 p.m.

4.       Adjust/Review Agenda  There were several additions to the consent agenda including one resignation, two teacher contracts, an unpaid leave of absence request, approval of the proposal for copier services, and approval of the superintendent’s contract.

5.       Public Comments  None.

6.       Student Presentation  Four members of the graduating class of 2012 reflected on their varying educational experiences in the Montpelier school system.  The students shared with the Board their opinions on the district’s strengths and weaknesses. 

7.       Update on Bond Numbers  Outstanding debt and financial responsibilities for $2.5, $3.0 and $3.5 million bonds were provided.  Mr. Robinson requested more specificity about Bob Giroux’s comments in regard to the district’s current indebtedness. 

8.       Update on RFP for Asbestos Removal at UES  Asbestos abatement notes were distributed.  Mr. Wood reported that the additional reference checks performed on the lowest bidder were good and it looks like a viable proposal.  He believes this proposal offers a good savings to begin the project.  He would like to provide the lowest bidder with a notice of intent.  They are prepared to start the project on June 25, 2012.  Mr. Jones moved, seconded by Mr. Phillips, to accept the low bid contract for asbestos removal at Union Elementary School.  Motion carried unanimously.  

9.       Discuss Oil Pre-buy  Fuel procurement consortium notes were distributed.  Mr. Wood explained current practice versus what he is proposing.  Mr. VanDerlip moved, seconded by Mr. Phillips, to accept and allow the district to enter into the fuel procurement consortium.  Motion carried unanimously. 

10.   Update on RFPs for Copier Lease  Five bids were received.  Superintendent Ricca requested permission to grant the contract to the second lowest bidder based on a recommendation from the technology department who feels the copier machines from that bidder would be better for the district.  This permission will be granted under the consent agenda. 

11.   Update on Community Connections  Superintendent Ricca reported that there has been little securing of outside money or additional grant money for the Community Connections program for next year.  He believes the possibility of some contribution for funding this program needs to be a serious consideration for this Board entering the next budget season. 

12.   Update on Director of Support Services Search  Superintendent Ricca reported that he had reached out to a number of contacts to bridge the gap between July 1-31.  As of this date, he has been unsuccessful in convincing anyone to work for the district for one month.  Two people have expressed interest in helping on an on-call basis.  Attorney Heather Lynn is willing to be on-call for the month of July.  Additional applications have been received.  Interviews will be conducted the week of July 9, with candidate(s) ready to be brought to the Board on July 18. 

13.   Update on AD/AT Search  Superintendent Ricca reported that when this position was originally posted, only one in-house candidate expressed interest.  The administration was not comfortable with this scenario so the position was posted again.  At that time, additional candidates came forward.  Superintendent Ricca believes it is best practice to have more than one candidate for any position and feels everything has been done in this process to ensure that it could pass the integrity test. 

14.   Hear Calendar Subcommittee Report Mr. VanDerlip reported that the subcommittee reviewed ideas generated after the first meeting.  There is a need to refine the indicators and make a long-term commitment to them and to set into motion a two-year budgeting cycle.  The subcommittee feels they do not receive the level of information they need in order to be liaisons with the community.  There needs to be a built-in mechanism to ensure the flow of information so that board members know what’s going on.  Direct communication with teachers has proven valuable and this needs to be worked into the calendar.  There needs to be a conversation in regard to the limitations policies so that they are in a format that is both helpful to the Board and meaningful to the Superintendent.  Mr. VanDerlip will generate a list of brainstormed ideas for discussion at the July 18 meeting.  Mr. Phillips commented that increased principal presence at board meetings would help in the concern regarding flow of information. 

15.   Policy

a.       Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet – First Reading

The district’s technology plan has been filed.  Through that process, the Director of Technology, Vince Rossano, discovered some deficiencies in the district’s policies in areas regarding use of electronic resources and the internet.  Mr. Rossano has worked with the state to address the noted deficiencies and the district will be back in compliance upon adoption and implementation of the policy being presented for consideration.

16.   Discuss Auditorium/Drama Feedback  Mr. Jones shared some feedback obtained through an exit interview with a teacher from the music department.  There was a recommendation for sharing with others some the duties not directly related to teaching, i.e., facility use.  The lack of flexibility in scheduling was also discussed.  With the expressed desire for a more robust drama and music program, Mr. VanDerlip suggested sharing this valuable feedback with the incoming high school principal. 

17.   Consent Agenda

a.       Minutes of June 6, 2012

b.       Warrants

c.       Resignations

i)        Gail Gorman

ii)      Patty Gaston

d.       Teacher Contracts

e.       Authorize Superintendent to Submit Consolidated Federal Program Grant and to Receive and Expend Federal Funds

f.        Unpaid Leave of Absence

g.       Copier Lease

h.       Superintendent’s Contract

Mr. VanDerlip moved, seconded by Mr. Phillips, to approve the consent agenda including minutes of the June 6, 2012 regular meeting, Warrants 51 and 52 dated June 21, 2012 in the amounts of $541,867.78 and $45,952.98 respectively, Warrants 53 and 54 dated June 29, 2012, Warrants 1 and 2 dated July 5, 2012 in the amounts of $450,000.00 and $65,000.00 respectively, one teacher resignation, one administrator resignation, the recommendation to offer teaching contracts to Heather McLane (social studies – MHS), Emmanuel Riby-Williams (physical education – UES) and Peter Taffel (special education – MHS), authorization for the superintendent to submit the Consolidated Federal Program Grant and to receive and expend federal funds, an unpaid leave of absence request, Oce North America’s bid for copier services, and the year 2 option contained in the superintendent’s contract.  Motion carried unanimously.

18.   Announcements/Review Meeting (+/∆) 

-          Mr. Phillips expressed appreciation of the graduation ceremony, music was outstanding. 

19.   Adjournment  On a motion duly made and seconded, the board voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:37 p.m. 

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