Montpelier Board of School CommissionersMinutesMinutes - January 27, 2010

Minutes - January 27, 2010



January 27, 2010

 Minutes Approved:  March 17, 2010


Montpelier Board: Sue Aldrich, Carolyn Herz, John Hollar, Charlie Phillips, Steve Robinson, Rick Vanden Bergh, Lowell VanDerlip

WCSU Executive Board: Jan Aldrich, Amy Brewer, Ginny Burley, Matthew DeGroot, Charlotte Hanna Bassage, Chris McVeigh

Montpelier Administration: Interim Superintendent Peter Evans

WCSU Administration: Superintendent Robbe Brook

Public:              Sue Allen, Bodo Carey, Ed Deegan, Carole Freeman, Keith Gerritt, Allen Gilbert, Emily Goyette, Michelle McFadden, Jen Miller-Arsenault, Fiona Moseley, Theresa Murray-Clasen, Gabe Sheir, Nancy Thomas, Molly Thoms, Armando Vilaseca, Zachary Wunrow  

1.       Call to Order  John Hollar called the meeting for the Montpelier School District to order at 5:41.  Charlotte Hanna Bassage called the meeting for the WCSU Executive Committee to order at 5:41.  Charlotte welcomed Armando Vilaseca, Commissioner of Education.  Armando spoke about how hard the process of merger or consolidation is.  The State Board of Education is pushing for redistricting.  The board is looking to reduce the number of governance bodies.  He would like to encourage the boards to look at the option for forming one district.  He reminded the boards to look at what is best for students.   

2.        Update on Financial Information  Kavet, Rockler and Associates is gathering data from the state about the financial conditions of both school districts.  They will provide a report about the economic and financial analysis of revenue, expenditure, and fiscal impact of consolidation to the Montpelier and WCSU schools into one district.  This is the preliminary phase.  There should be some preliminary information available over the next few weeks. 

3.       Study Committees

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