Montpelier Board of School CommissionersMinutesMinutes - September 19, 2012

Minutes - September 19, 2012


1.       Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

2.       Adjust/Review Agenda The Executive Session scheduled for the purpose of conducting a residency hearing was cancelled. The harassment policy warned for adoption at tonight’s meeting will not be voted on. Superintendent Ricca would like to discuss the possibility of board presence at monthly meetings with the Montpelier Education Association.

3.       Public Comments Anne Watson, one of the Ultimate Frisbee coaches, asked the Board to give consideration to recognizing Ultimate Frisbee as a school sport rather than a club sport. This transfer would necessitate funding through the school budget. Ultimate Frisbee is currently part of the Community Connections program. Following discussion regarding budgets, transportation and liability issues, it was decided that Superintendent Ricca will collect some follow-up information and this matter will continue to be discussed.

4.       Review of Equalized Pupils A written memo was distributed.

5.       Update on Enrollment Superintendent Ricca reported that total enrollment as of today is 974. This number is higher than what was projected. Mr. Jones requested dropout information.

6.       Discuss Calendar for Principal Visits and/or School Visits The Board would like one principal visit per month. Suggested topics for discussion at these meetings included what can be celebrated, seen challenges, and future changes. Mr. Robinson suggested a memo from the principal in advance of the meeting as to what is going to be discussed. Mrs. Aldrich suggested tying in a student presentation from the school in conjunction with the principal visit. Mr. Jones would also like periodic visits from the Director of Curriculum and the Director of Support Services.

7.       Discuss Co-Curricular Parity Co-curricular budget numbers were provided. Jen Lahr will be attending the second October meeting to give rationale in regard to fees surrounding co-curriculars. Mr. Jones would like to know the frequency of the superintendent and a principal having to confront a decision to add or remove a co-curricular activity and how the budget factors into that discussion. Mr. Phillips expressed concern about the viability of the football program. Mr. Phillips would like information as to the balance of co-curricular opportunities per season.

8.       Discuss Community Connections Superintendent Ricca reported on a recent meeting of the Community Connections Advisory Board. Community Connections will be coming forward with a budget in the next couple of months for everyone to review. After that, the Board will set a date for Ginny Burley to come and present. A question arose regarding oversight of the program if the district ultimately commits dollars. Mr. Phillips expressed concern in regard to the program’s administrative costs.

9.       Discuss Board Presence at MEA Meetings Superintendent Ricca noted the importance of consistent board presence at monthly meetings with the Montpelier Education Association and asked for volunteers to serve in this capacity. These meetings occur on the third Tuesday of every month, with the next meeting scheduled for October 16.

10.   Action Item

a.       Adoption of Policy: Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet Mr. Jones moved, seconded by Mr. Phillips, to approve the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet policy for adoption. Motion carried unanimously.

11.   Consent Agenda

a.       Minutes of September 5, 2012

b.       Warrants

c.       Co-Curricular Contracts

Mr. Phillips moved, seconded by Mr. Jones, to approve the consent agenda including minutes of the September 5, 2012 regular meeting, Warrants 13 and 14 dated September 27, 2012 in the amounts of $932,752.48 and $56,161.92 respectively, and co-curricular contracts (see listing). Motion carried unanimously.

12.   Announcements/Review Meeting (+/∆)

-          Mr. Phillips announced success in concluding negotiations with the MEA today and a tentative agreement.

-          The Boosters Club has agreed to put the bond issue on their night of open house.

13.   Adjournment On a motion duly made and seconded, the board voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:22 p.m.


Heather Michaud



Co-curricular Appointments


Bravakis, Jenna

Student Leadership Advisor


Freeman, Krissy

Fall Play (Technical Director)


Noelle, Taryn

Fall Play (Choreographer)


O’Hara, Cailin

Fall Play (Music Director)


Pulsier, Corey

Homework Club Advisor


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