Montpelier Board of School CommissionersMinutesMinutes - January 8, 2014

Minutes - January 8, 2014

1.       Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.       Adjust/Review Agenda No changes.

3.       Public Comments None.

4.   Discuss FY15 School Budget Per the Board’s directive, Superintendent Ricca presented $38,000 in proposed changes to the FY15 budget. This money will be used to restore funding for the Community Connections program in FY15 at 75% rather than at 50% as originally proposed. The $38,000 was comprised of reductions of $8,000 in technology hardware, $3,500 for debate at MHS, $2,000 in supplies, $5,000 for a microfiche machine at MHS, $11,000 for a 0.5 FTE general education instructional assistant at MHS, in addition to use of $8,500 in additional monies from the fund balance. Extensive discussion regarding the possibility of further reductions followed. This discussion included Mr. Jones’ suggestions for reducing the budget.

Ben Field expressed concern about the reduction for Community Connections. Ginny Burley explained the impact of even the proposed 25% reduction. In an attempt to generate additional funding for the Community Connections program, Mr. Jones offered to work with Ben Field to develop a five-minute video presentation to present to people in order to tap into resources outside of the school.

Following discussion, Mr. Jones asked for a public hearing to discuss the proposed budget increase as he believes the public will want more input. The public hearing will be scheduled for January 18th. It was also suggested that Mrs. Aldrich and Superintendent Ricca meet with the local press so that a clear, concise article can be written as another means of getting the budget information out to the public. Mr. Phillips said he would not support any further reductions and liked the idea of hearing what the public thinks. Mrs. Braun reminded board members that this is the budget the Board asked for. A suggestion was made to make Mr. Jones’ email in regard to ideas for reductions a starting point for next year’s budget.

5.       Consent Agenda

a.       Minutes of December 18, 2013

b.       Warrants

c.       Teacher Contract

d.       FY15 Tuition Rates

e.       New Recreation Department Advisory Board Members

Mr. VanDerlip moved, seconded by Mr. Phillips, to approve the consent agenda, absent warrants, and including minutes of the December 18, 2013 regular meeting with one correction as noted by Mr. Phillips, the recommendation to offer a teaching contract to George Vassiliadis (foreign language – MSMS), FY15 maximum tuition rates in the amounts of $11,000 for grades K-6, $14,700 for grades 7-12 and $50,000 for the Summit Program, and the recommendation to appoint Andrea Talentino and Aubrey Boyles to the Recreation Department Advisory Board. Motion carried unanimously.

6.       Announcements/Review Meeting (+/∆)

-          Tomorrow is the inaugural meeting of the first new school group (Ben Field).

-       Adam Bunting is the best thing that’s ever happened to Montpelier (Ben Field, as quoted by MHS student Charlie Aldrich).

-     Annie Bellerose has done an amazing job so far in her role as Dave Bennett’s replacement (Alex Stetter).

-        Superintendent Ricca thanked board members for their public service and all of their time and energy put towards the budget.

-          Ms. Paquette commented on the evidence of excellence and the amount of change she has seen in the past three years.

 7. Adjournment On a motion duly made and seconded, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:59 p.m.



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