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Grade 5 Tech Tools



Grade 5 Tech Tools Curriculum Objectives


  Creativity and Innovation

1.  Utilize a variety of digital tools to create original works for use in an individual or group product or a collection.

2.  Use digital tools or resources to conduct research, identify patterns, interpret data,            

    and make predictions.


Communication and Collaboration

1.  Use grade appropriate digital tools to publish/share ideas and resources, collaborate, and provide feedback with peers using an online environment.

2.  Using digital tools, students collaborate online to develop group products or solve problems.


Research and Information Fluency

1.  Use digital tools to locate, organize, and cite sources of information.

2.  With guidance, students use advanced search options and strategies and evaluate the authenticity, and relevance of information sources.


Digital Citizenship

1.  Identify unsafe or inappropriate online behavior and the consequences of unsafe behaviors including cyberbullying and harassment and know how to report inappropriate behaviors and to whom.

2.  With teacher guidance, students understand copyright and plagiarism and cite all


Technology Operations & Concepts

1.  Independently manage and organize their own local and onlineStudents input and access data with fluency.

2.  Integrate a variety of file types to create a document or presentation.

3.  Communicate and problem solve technology issues using accurate terminology. They begin to analyze and solve user-level hardware and software problems, taking advantage of "Help" functions and peer supports.

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