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Eighth Grade Arts Curriculum Objectives


Eighth Grade Arts Curriculum Objectives


 Demonstrate skill development by using multiple techniques, a variety of mediums and tools.

1a Design a product that is an eye-appealing and  useful item and the final product shows a strong resemblance to the intended idea and is a marketable product.

1b  Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of techniques and processes when working with a multitude of art materials and tools are able to select and evaluate which materials and techniques are most appropriate.

Describe, analyze, interpret, ask questions, and critique art work by using art vocabulary.

2a  Critically examine their work products for quality and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that a marketable item has been generated.

2b  Conduct cost and marketing analysis to ensure products are viable.

2c  Identify a problem when it arises and devise a solution both individually and within a team or group.

Make connections between the arts and disciplines outside the arts  and show an understanding of how the arts influence our lives when designing and creating products to market to the public.

3a Design products that communicate an artistic intent and have an understanding of how to use their artwork to make connections with the public.

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